Volkswagen’s MOIA debuts its EV rideshare vehicle

MOIA, the mobility startup from the Volkswagen Group just introduced its ride pooling concept just one year after its inception. The startup’s concept provides new mobility options that will significantly reduce traffic and help reduce air and noise pollution in major cities. MOIA will present its ride pooling ecosystem with the mission “One Million Cars off the Road” at TechCrunch […]

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California wants to spend $3 billion to incentivise electric car sales! – NEWS UPDATE!

California Car Incentives California has spent heavily over the past seven years to incentivise the sales of zero-emission vehicles, to the tune of $449 million. The Air Quality Improvement Program administered by the State Air Resources Board established the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, as a part of the Air Quality Improvement Program, to promote the production and use of zero-emission vehicles […]

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SAIC-GM-Wuling Launches Baojun E100, a $5,300 electric car

A GM partnership SAIC-GM-Wuling, launched the Baojun E100, the brand’s first fully-electric vehicle.  The Baojun E100 is available in two variants, it’s starting model is price begins around $5,300 (depending on the current exchange rate) in China after national and local subsidies. The price is a fraction of a Chevy Bolt.  The American Bolt will be sold alongside the SAIC-GM-Wuling offerings […]

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Fiskar EMotion Electric Vehicle, a Serious Tesla Rival

FISKER INC. UNVEILS FIRST OFFICIAL TEASER PHOTOS OF THE ALL-ELECTRIC 400 MILE-PLUS EV RANGE FISKER EMOTION Fisker EMotion is slated to start at $129,900, With an Ultra Large Battery Pack Los Angeles, CA (June 6, 2017)—Fisker Inc. today released the design specifications and teaser photos of its 2019 production vehicle, the Fisker EMotion. The EMotion delivers an astounding over 400-mile […]

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Top 5 Tips For Electric and Hybrid Vehicles to Maximize Efficiency

Maintain Your Car While electric cars need less maintenance than gasoline ones, poor upkeep can have the same detrimental effect on efficiency, regardless of fuel type. Make sure you’ve been following manufacturer-suggested service intervals for your car, and perform weekly checks on things like coolant levels and tire pressures. While electric cars don’t have an engine to keep cool, many […]

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