Hybrid Cars – Positive Effect on the Environment

[ad_1] Car manufacturers tout Hybrid car’s efficiency. Consumer advocates dispute claims of 60-plus miles per gallon gas efficiency. Amidst the controversy, environmentalists still claim, in the absence of anything better – that hybrid vehicles are still better for the environment than their traditional gas-guzzling counterparts. Hybrid’s Are Good For The Environment Hybrids combine both gas and electric power to offer […]

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Top 5 Tips For Electric and Hybrid Vehicles to Maximize Efficiency

Maintain Your Car While electric cars need less maintenance than gasoline ones, poor upkeep can have the same detrimental effect on efficiency, regardless of fuel type. Make sure you’ve been following manufacturer-suggested service intervals for your car, and perform weekly checks on things like coolant levels and tire pressures. While electric cars don’t have an engine to keep cool, many […]

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Toyota 2016 Prius

The 2016 Toyota Prius is all new this year sporting a newer edgier look. Nearly two decades before “disrupting” became a good thing to do, Toyota did it to the auto industry by launching the world’s first mass production gasoline/electric hybrid vehicle, the Prius. After selling more than 3.5 million worldwide and helping steer the industry toward hybridization, Toyota is […]

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