Volkswagen’s MOIA debuts its EV rideshare vehicle

MOIA, the mobility startup from the Volkswagen Group just introduced its ride pooling concept just one year after its inception. The startup’s concept provides new mobility options that will significantly reduce traffic and help reduce air and noise pollution in major cities. MOIA will present its ride pooling ecosystem with the mission “One Million Cars off the Road” at TechCrunch […]

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Repeal World Record for VW Diesel TDI?

Should the Guinness Record for “Lowest fuel consumption – 48 US States (non-hybrid car)“, be nullified? In light of what was revealed by VW in the news recently will this award still be valid? It seams to me that the rules were bent using software which switched the regulatory emissions restrictions off. Is this just “over-hypermiling?” I don’t think so! It […]

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