Toyota 2016 Prius

The 2016 Toyota Prius is all new this year sporting a newer edgier look.

Nearly two decades before “disrupting” became a good thing to do, Toyota did it to the auto industry by launching the world’s first mass production gasoline/electric hybrid vehicle, the Prius. After selling more than 3.5 million worldwide and helping steer the industry toward hybridization, Toyota is introducing another disruptor — the all-new fourth-generation 2016 Prius liftback. The new version of this global green icon takes the hybrid concept farther than ever with striking design, with expected higher fuel economy ratings, and greater ride comfort.

Aerodynamic goals inspired the shape to help Prius score an increase in fuel economy ratings over the previous model. The new Prius design slices through the air with a 0.24 coefficient of drag (Cd), among the lowest of current production passenger cars. The sleek shape is aided by myriad details to keep the wind going on its way. An automatic grille shutter reduces drag by closing when airflow to the radiator is not needed. It remains closed after a cold start to allow the engine to reach optimal operating temperature quickly, helping to save fuel.

Aero stabilizing fins on the underfloor covers, front quarter window garnish and tail lamps likewise keep air moving in a smooth pattern. Front spats and covers on either side of the fuel tank help prevent airflow from being agitated by the tires and suspension.

The 2016 Prius is anticipating fuel economy ratings of 54 MPG city / 50 MPG highway / 52 MPG combined (Final EPA figures pending.). That’s better than any mass-produced passenger vehicle available without a plug. A new Eco grade model is expecting ratings of 58 MPG city / 53 MPG highway / 56 MPG combined thanks to lighter weight and further optimized aerodynamics.

The new Prius interior is much quieter than the previous model.

the 2016 Prius will be among the first U.S. models to offer Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS (P)), a new multi-feature advanced safety package anchored by automatic pre-collision braking. TSS bundles cutting edge safety technologies including Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection; Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist; Full-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and Automatic High Beams.

As in the third-generation Prius, Hybrid Synergy Drive combines the output of a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine and two motor/generators through an electronically controlled planetary-type continuously variable transmission (CVT). The 2016 Prius uses smaller, lighter hybrid components, including a new lithium-ion hybrid battery that replaces the nickel-metal hydride battery (excluding the Prius Two non-Eco grade) in most models. The new battery’s smaller size and flatter shape allow it to be packaged under the rear seat, rather than beneath the luggage area, yielding more cargo space.

The new hybrid system operates more efficiently and more quietly and offers a higher level of driving performance than in the previous model. The smaller transaxle and power control unit allow for the auxiliary battery to be installed in the engine compartment. New shift-by-wire technology uses electric signals to transmit shift operations and offers light, fingertip operation from the dash-mounted shifter. A “P” position switch provides one-touch engagement of the parking gear.

The Prius driver can choose between new selectable Normal and Power driving modes. Normal balances both fuel economy and acceleration feel; Power prioritizes acceleration feel.

The new hybrid transaxle and motor use a multi-shaft layout with higher motor speed range and a reduction gear mounted on a parallel shaft to reduce parasitic losses by 20 percent compared to the previous model. An enhanced DC-DC boost converter contributes to enhanced fuel economy by reducing output current in low-load situations.

The 2016 Toyota Prius produces 95 horsepower @ 5,200 rpm (SAE Net), Hybrid System Net Horsepower 121. Recommended fuel is 87 octane unleaded.

Estimated Fuel Economy*
(city/highway/combined MPG)
Prius Two Eco 58/53/56
Non-Eco grades 54/50/52

* Toyota internal estimate. Actual mileage may vary.

1223 Prius Hatchback CVT Two $24,200
1224 Prius Hatchback CVT Two Eco $24,700
1225 Prius Hatchback CVT Three $26,250
1226 Prius Hatchback CVT Three Touring $28,100
1227 Prius Hatchback CVT Four $28,650
1228 Prius Hatchback CVT Four Touring $30,000

All prices listed above exclude the Delivery, Processing, and Handling (DPH) fee.

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