Top 10 Driving Tips To Getting Better Gas Mileage

Better gas mileage is always on our minds every time we fill up that gas tank. We can save how often we visit the gas pumps by getting better gas mileage, therefore saving us some of our valuable time and money. The following are top 10 practical driving tips that will help you achieve better gas mileage…the hypermiling way.

Top 10 Driving Tips

Better Gas Mileage Saving Steps:

  • Accelerate Slowly – on the pedal remember to accelerate moderately and steadily. The acceleration part of driving wastes the most fuel of all. Mastering this one technique alone and you can see the extra mileage you will get from one tank.


  • Do Not Speed – You all know by know that the faster you travel in your car the more gas you use, but what everybody may not know is that the extra speed above 50 mph your gas mileage rapidly decreases.

Use Your Time Wisely to Save Gas:use-time-wisley

  • Steady Speed – Use your cruise control to maintain the
    best fuel economy on those long trips. Steady gas, not not steady speed will help with fuel economy.


  • Time Your Lights – No need to rush up to a red light, instead gently approach the light at a timed speed to catch it when it is green or at very least just coast to the light, no need speedily approach it.


  • Do Not Drive During Rush Hour – Now this may seem a bit awkward, but many of us have the opportunity to simply avoid it.

Practical Hypermiling Tips:

  • Use The Force – Here’s what I mean, when it is safe and legal to do so when turning a corner, you can use the momentum of the cars weight and forward velocity to accelerate after the turn.


  • Use Alternate Routes – when it is possible to avoid traffic using an alternate routes which may be less congested and can save you from the dreaded stop-n-go on the frequented crowded roadways which kills gas mileage.


  • Avoid Excess Idling – Some cars can waste as much as a quarter a gallon an hour while idling with A/C. The average car only takes around 10 seconds of fuel to start.


  • Simply Drive Less – When you use your car from a cold start the engine will use more fuel than when warmed-up. Combining your trips into one venture will keep the inefficient cold starts down.


  • Drive With Windows Up – There is a popular misconception about the A/C, it goes like this, A/C zaps power from the engine and causes you to use more gas, so just roll down your windows instead to save gas. This may have been true with older cars but using your A/C with newer cars and traveling with your windows up will have no significant impact on your trip and you may enjoy being comfortable more than any realized savings.
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Viggo Crowe
1 year ago

I really like your advice to always approach the red lights slowly to save some fuel. My brother is getting a new truck soon and he wants to drive economically. I’ll share this article with him tonight so that he can read it before buying that diesel truck.